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Welcome : Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The Department was established in 1981, as Electrical Engineering though running both programmes of Electrical and Electronic engineering. The name was changed to its present name of Electrical and Electronic engineering in 1994, without any change in the curriculum. The change of name was however necessitated as a result of public misconception of the actual programme being run in the Department.

The philosophy of the department was to use, to utmost advantage most available local materials in order to cope with shortage of fund in the provision of necessary teaching and research equipment. This was in realization of the poor state of the nation’s economy that ironically was occurring at a time of sustained boom and massive expansion in electrical and electronic engineering in the developed world.

The Department has been consistent with her educational goals of providing her students with sound knowledge and skills in the areas of Computers, Electronic, Communications, Control & Instrumentation engineering, Electronic Device Fabrication, Power Systems and Electrical Machines. The training is such that graduates of the Department are nationally and internationally relevant and recognizable

The department has strongly established herself as one of the best in Nigeria with an impressive report from her graduates presently practicing in the field.

The Department has witnessed substantial growth in all the areas of activities since inception. For example, graduates of the department have been gainfully employed in the Industries and Institutions of higher learning. Feedback on our graduates from their field of practice has been satisfying and encouraging. Also, some of our graduates have successfully completed their postgraduate studies at home and abroad, while some are currently undertaking such studies.

The undergraduate degree programme of the department has gone through renewed and successful accreditation by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) since inception. The most recent was in 2018 when the programme was given full accreditation. Also, the Nigerian University Commission (NUC), an organ charged with the quality control of academic programmes in Nigeria fully accredited B.Sc. Electrical/Electronic engineering programme of the Department in November 2019.

The rapid technological development in Electrical and Electronic engineering makes it increasingly difficult to be rigid in terms of course curriculum and contents. In view of this, and the constraint imposed by the National University Commission (NUC) minimum academic standard, the undergraduate course contents have been recently reviewed to reflect the developments in the field of Electrical and Electronic engineering.

In addition to the undergraduate programme, the department currently runs an enriching professional Masters in Microprocessor and Control with the objective of allowing suitably qualified candidates have a deeper understanding and a longer practice in the fields of Microprocessor and Control Engineering than hitherto. Other postgraduate programme in the Department leads to the award of PhD in various fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Areas of research include Information Technology, Data Communications, Computer and Control engineering, Power Systems engineering and other major areas of Electronics.

The department has well equipped laboratories for both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Ag. Head, Dept. of
Electrical & Electronic Engineering