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Food Technology

As the Head of the Department of Food Technology, I take this opportunity to welcome you to  an ever dynamic Department of industrial transformation, value addition and human capital development. We are committed and endeavour to produce graduates who are worthy in character, sound judgment, self-reliance, job-creating potentials and capable of taking up professional careers in the food industry, government regulatory/research agencies as well as in  academia.

Our   core   vision  is to pursue and maintain a world-class center  for excellence in training and  research in the field of food Technology. Currently, we train both graduates and undergraduates in the fields of  Improved Traditional  Food  processing, modern technology-driven  food handling/storage techniques, packaging, extrusion technologies, food engineering, food biotechnology, Food microbiology, milk and dairy technology, food safety and quality control, post-harvest technology, fruit and vegetable processing, food chemistry and food product development, .  The Department has been producing the requisite manpower that are well grounded in the art, science and technology of food geared towards achieving national goals  food security.  For more information, welcome and sample some of our programme and activities at