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Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. 

The Department, founded in 1972, has played a leading role in the development of the Faculty of Technology as well as in the University. Our graduates both at B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels are working in various sections of the Nigerian economy where they have all been contributing positively. Staff members are involved in teaching, research and community service (consultancy) in areas such as farm machinery, power engineering, biofuels, irrigation and drainage, waste utilization, farm structures and environment, agricultural processing and storage, energy studies, system modelling and robotics in agriculture, environmental control and greenhouse engineering, to mention but a few. The Department is well equipped to train the manpower required for transforming the agro-allied sector of the Nigerian economy and our dedicated members of staff work in various fields of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering in order to meet the vision and mission of the programme which are:


To produce high-level manpower that is worthy in character and sound judgement and to apply all aspects of engineering to agriculture through research and community service.


To achieve and sustain self-sufficiency in food and fibre through engineering

Should you have any need for technological interventions in your agro-allied or related establishments, feel free to contact us and you will be glad you did. Should you need more knowledge in the deployment of technology in agriculture, or consultancy services for solving any difficulty you may experience in your agro-allied space, we are available with the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Once again, welcome to the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Dr. Mobolaji Omobowale

Head of Department

0805 731 5925