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Submitted by technology on February 9, 2024
    Name: Dr I. E. Edem

    Designation: Senior Lecturer 

    Academic Qualification: B.Eng. (Uyo); M.Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D. (Ogbomoso)

    MNIEE; MNSE, R.Engr. (COREN).

    Faculty: Technology
    Department: Industral and Production Engineering
    Phone number:  (234)8066364823

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    Alternate Email Address 1:

    Area of Specialisation: Safety & Systems Engineering; Soft Computing and Sustainable Energy



    (1) Edem, I. E., & Adebimpe, O. A. (2020). Development of an Artificial Neural Network-Fuzzy     Markov Model for Industrial Accidents Forecasting. In A. E. Oluleye, V. O. Oladokun, & O.G. Akanbi (Eds.), Advancing Industrial Engineering in Nigeria through Teaching, Research and Innovation: A Book of Reading (38-70pp). Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, University of Ibadan. (Nigeria) 

    (2) Edem, I.E and Charles-Owaba, O.E. (2017). Food Processing Safety Programme                             Performance Using System Dynamics Principles: A Case Study of a Cocoa Processing Firm. Engineering Entrepreneurship for National Development: Proceedings of Nigerian Institute of Industrial Engineers, Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, 8-9 December, 2017. Ibadan pp. 143 – 158, Ibadan (Nigeria) 

    (3) Adebimpe, O. A., Oladokun, V. O., and Edem, I. E. (2021). Towards the   Application of Pumped-Hydro Storage in Nigeria. Paper presented at the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, March 7-11, 2021. IEOM Society International2528-2537pp, (Singapore) 

         (4) Edem, I.E., Oke, S.A., Adebiyi, K.A. (2016). A Disjoint Pair-Point Exponential and Time-        

         Weighted Average Fire Accident Forecasting Model for Partial Information Availability Situations.  

         International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, Vol 11, No. 3, 155-

         166. (England) 

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    (10) Alao, O.M., Oladokun, V.O., & Edem, I.E. (2020). Qualitative Performance Analysis of Queue System in a Supermarket: A case study. Technix International Journal for Engineering Research (TIJER), 10 (6) 2349-9249

    (11) Edem, I. E., & Akinsola, B. (2021). An approach to assessing human factors related occupational safety using behavioural observation-based indicators: The case of a construction site in Nigeria. Engineering and Applied Science Research. Vol. 49, Issue 2, 133-145. (Thailand) 


    (12) Edem, I. E., & Olugbade, Q. O. (May, 2022). Biogas Substrates Performance Ranking Based on Sustainability Potential, Biodegradability, and Yield Characterization: The Case of an Area in Southwest Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Technology. Vol. 41, Issue 3, 444-453.  (Nigeria) (Contribution: 80%)

         (13) Edem, I.E. (2015). A Report on Engineering Experience: A Technical Report on Post  

          Graduate Work Experience Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for registration  

          by The Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. 24pp. (Nigeria) 


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