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The automotive industry is historically known for highly innovative engineering, with various engineering centres of excellence set up by global car manufacturers and suppliers. The main challenge set for these centres is to design, develop and manufacture the next generation of road vehicles capable of providing improved environmental impact whilst maintaining acceptable vehicle performance, reliability and cost. The exciting low carbon vehicle technologies being developed coupled with significant recent growth within the industry, makes for a highly challenging and rewarding career for talented Automotive Engineering graduates.

The automotive industry is leading economic recovery with increased manufacturing output, growing export volumes and new jobs being created on the back of major international investment in the sector. Our engineering expertise, workforce flexibility and renowned motoring heritage, combined with top level collaboration between industry and government, will make the University of Ibadan an important location for the global automotive industry.



To expand the frontiers of knowledge and transform the society through innovation in Automobile Engineering.



(i)     To provide a scholarly and vibrant learning environment for achieving professional competency.

(ii)  To create successful professionals who contribute their knowledge, skill and attitudes to design, re-design, research & development in the automotive industry.

(iii)                        To make their noteworthy contributions in developing the society through continuous learning-teaching methodology.