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Wood Products Engineering

The Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan, has the following as its primary functions:

i. The education and training of individuals to have the technical competency for the design, development, testing, and production of devices and products for the use of mankind;

ii. Training of individuals to have interest in, and capacity for the application of engineering principles to the solution of the problems of our society; and

iii. Establishing in her students a foundation for continuing learning that is required for maintaining competency to solve new problems as they arise.Accordingly, emphasis is placed on the application of the engineering methods and on the training intended to develop habits of industry, thoroughness, orderliness, and accuracy. The students are, throughout the programme duration, given ample opportunities to exercise initiative, judgement, and creative ability.

Resident education up to the Bachelor's degree level is provided through seven departments. All programmes are of ten-semester duration. Each provides basic elements of general engineering education as well as the discipline of professional training, which provide the rudimentary development of technical skills, an introduction to the engineering methods of solving problems in practice, an understanding of values and costs, and a sense of the art of engineering as distinguished from its sciences, and indoctrination in professional standards and relations.

All programmes incorporate a social-humanistic stem that gives the student a knowledge of social and human relationships and duties of citizenship as well as an appreciation of cultural interests outside the engineering field. The stem includes compulsory courses in General Studies and electives to be chosen from economics, law and social/behavioural sciences.Each of the seven academic departments offers undergraduate programmes (and in some cases post-graduate programmes up to doctoral level) leading to the award of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree of the University of Ibadan.

Apart from the academic departments, the faculty also has control of a reasonably well-equipped library and a Technical Support Unit. Teaching and Research laboratories are also attached to each academic department.