Welcome : Department of Industrial and Production Engineering


Dr. A.D Adeyeye
Head, Ind. & Prod. Engineering Dept

The mission of the department is to provide the highest level of Industrial and Production engineering education by stimulating discovery, integration, application and communication of knowledge.

Industrial & Production Engineering is the application of the principles of Mathematics, Physical and the Social Sciences to the design, analysis operation and control of man-machine work systems with maximum productivity as the primary goal. Man-machine work system includes manufacturing, mineral exploration and exploitation, agro-allied, construction, defence as well as service industries.

The major distinction between industrial/production engineering and other branches of engineering is that the industrial/production engineer must consider not only the behaviour of materials, machines and the environment as they are governed by physical laws, but also the behaviour of people as they interface with materials, machines and the environment in dynamic organisational operations

There are currently about five areas of specialisation in the programme. These include:

  • Ergonomics/Human Factors
  • Engineering Management
  • Operations Research
  • Production/Manufacturing, and
  • Systems Analysis.


Graduates of the programme are prepared and fully equipped for both further studies at the postgraduate level (for those who are so inclined) and for employment.