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ADEYEYE, Ademola David

Academic and Professional Qualifications

B.Sc.(Hons)(met & mat), M.Sc (Ibadan),PhD(Ibadan)


Senior Lecurer and Head of Department


Area of Specialisation

Civil Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


Tel: + 234 –

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Research Projects/Activities

(a) Research Completed.

(i)          The effects of carburizing time, temperature, and percentage energizer on the case-depth and harness of steel ST 37-2 were studied. The purpose of the research was to understand the science and technology of improving surface hardness of the locally produced steel to meet the ever-growing demand (2 papers have been published). 

(ii)         A biobjective model was developed for production planning in a multi-stage multi-facility production system. The case considered was a situation where a Decision Maker wants to determine the quantities of materials to be fed into each production facility at each stage of production that gives maximum realization of his objectives. (2 papers published)

(iii)        A study on how to harness in-house knowledge, experience and expertise for the identification and solution of perennial problems facing a company producing steels products in south western Nigeria was conducted. The study revealed that the technical staff perform routine tasks of operation and maintenance resulting in the under utilization of their skills, intellectual contribution and their innovative and creative abilities (Presented at the NIIE conference 2000)

(iv)       A study on how business organizations in the developed world have been able to use Competitive Benchmarking to attain competitive edge was carried out.  Drawing upon their experiences, the guidelines and framework for its application in the developing world, the potential frustrations and the implementation problems were identified. (Being prepared for publication)

(v)        A model for determining the optimal process-checking interval was proposed and applied to an automobile glass manufacturing industry. The optimal process-checking interval would ensure that the sum of the costs of process diagnosis, process adjustment and deviation of product characteristics from the nominal value is minimized. (Being prepared for Publications)

(vi)       Novel methodology for the optimization of weld-metal properties from flux ingredients was proposed. The methodology mitigates the limitations of the conventional welding flux development approach. (4 papers have appeared in peer review journals)


(b) Research in Progress:

  Flux Development for Shielded Metal Arc Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel.


(c) Dissertations and Thesis

i)             A Study of Carburisation Variables of Aladja Steels (B.Sc Project) 1986

ii)           An Application of Linear Programming Procedures to the                          Multi-stage, Multi-facility Material Mix problem (M.Sc Thesis) 1997. 

Development of Multi-criteria Optimisation Model for Submerged Arc Welding Flux Formulation (Ph.D Thesis) 2011.        Publications

(a)               Refereed Conference proceedings:


1)   A.D Adeyeye and O.E Charles-Owaba (1999) A Biobjective Production Planning Model and Application of Three LP Procedures. Proceedings of Nigerian Institute of Industrial Engineers, pp 89-100.

2)   O.T. Adepoju, S.A. Balogun and Adeyeye, A.D. (1987) Effects of Some Variables on the Carburisation of a Locally Produced Steels. Proceedings of Fifth National Conference of the Nigerian Metallurgical Society, pp 66-79.  


(b)                Articles that have Appeared in Learned Journals:


      3. Ademola D. Adeyeye and Festus A. Oyawale (2010) Optimisation of Weld-metal Chemical Composition from Welding-flux Ingredients: A Non-pre-emptive Goal Programming Approach. Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology, Vol.4, No. 02, pp 347-359.

4. Ademola David Adeyeye and Festus Adekunle Oyawale (2010) Multi-objective methods for welding flux performance optimization. RMZ – Materials and Geoenvironment, Vol. 57, No. 2, pp. 251–270.

5. Ademola David Adeyeye and Festus Adekunle Oyawale (2009) Weld-metal Property Optimization from Flux Ingredients through Mixture Experiments and Mathematical Programming Approach. Materials Research, Vol. 12, No.3, pp339-343.

6. Atanda, P.O., O.E. Olorunniwo, L.E. Umoru, and A.D. Adeyeye (2009) A Study of Processing Parameters on the Carburization of C2R Steels Journal of Minerals & Materials Characterization & Engineering, Vol. 8, No.2, pp 79-92.

7. A.D. Adeyeye and O.E. Charles-Owaba (2008): Goal Programming Model for Production Planning In a Toothpaste Factory. South African Journal of Industrial Engineering Vol.19, No 2, pp 197-209.

8. Oke, S. A., T.E., Philips, A. Kolawole, C. E. Ofiabulu and A.D. Adeyeye (2008): Occupational Lead Exposure in Printing Presses: An Analytical Approach. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology Volume 9, No 1, pp 263-271.

9.  Ademola David Adeyeye and Festus A. Oyawale (2008) Mixture Experiments and Their Applications in Welding Flux Design. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Vol. 30, No 4, pp 319-326.   

10. Oke, S.A., Damisa, O., Oyedokun, O.I., Akanbi, O.G. and Adeyeye, A.D.(2008) A  Mathematical Modeling of the Intensity of Contaminants (CO2) on Occupancy Level of a Space in Continuous Use. International Journal of Energy Technology and Policy Vol. 6, No. 5/6, pp 502-514.




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