The Department of Civil Engineering first existed in 1978/79 session as a Civil Engineering Unit temporarily based in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Then as a unit, it was offering service courses to all other programmes within the Faculty of Technology. It was upgraded as a full-fledged Department in 1980 based on the recommendations of COREN and NUC.


The Department was to develop, teach and carry out research on Civil Engineering subjects. The primary objective of the department is to provide civil engineering programmes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels which will be internationally recognized and at the same time relevant to the needs of a developing country like Nigeria. 


The curriculum provides the student with a basic understanding of all areas of Civil Engineering practice. The following three options are available to the students during the final year:


(a) Structures and Foundations


(b) Highways and Transportation


(c) Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


The pioneering students in the Department were admitted during the 1981/1982 session and the first set graduated in 1986. Fourteen sets of students have graduated from the Department. Outside the University, the performance of the graduates from the Department has been excellent based on the reports from industries both within and outside the country.
The postgraduate programme commenced in 1997/98 session with the pioneering M.Sc. students graduating in February 2000. The Department has produced about one hundred (100) Master of Science (M.Sc.) postgraduates and Five (5) have successfully defended their Ph.D. theses in Civil Engineering.
All these graduates and postgraduates of the Department have successful careers in consulting, construction, oil, telecommunication and manufacturing companies; government ministries and parastatals and the academia; and they have risen to responsible and leadership positions there.


The Department has over the years attracted staff of high caliber that have in addition to their teaching and research activities made contributions to conferences, learned and professional institutions and government committees


At present the Department has staff strength of 27, 2 Professors, 5 Senior Lecturers, 4 Lecturer I, 2 Lecturer II. There are also 14 Non-teaching members of staff.




Over the years, researches have been initiated and built up in the following areas:




1. Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement


2. Traffic Congestion Studies


3. Flood and Erosion Studies


4. Pavement Evaluation Studies


5. Development of Business Incubation Centers


6. Value Engineering


7. Waste Management


8. Bio-technology


9. Structural failure Studies


10. Structural Design of Buildings and Bridges


11. Structural Analysis


12. Geo-technical and Geo-chemical Studies


13. Water Quality Management


14. Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation Studies


15. Environmental Studies for Civil Engineering Infrastructures


16. Construction Materials.


17. Modelling Structural forms

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