Academic Programme : Department of Petroleum Engineering


          Academic Program

a. Philosophy:

The department aspires to be a world-class school of Petroleum Engineering.

b. Objectives:

i. To provide students with the strong foundation in science and engineering needed by petroleum and other related industries engaged in exploitation of natural gas resources from underground reservoir.

ii. To produce graduates who are worthy in character and sound judgment, for challenging careers in oil well drilling, developing oil and natural gas fields, producing and transporting oil and natural gas, and the utilization and supplementation of the forces of nature to extract petroleum resources from underground reservoirs through enhanced oil recovery schemes.

iii. To prepare graduates for possible management duties after acquiring experience. They are also exposed to opportunities for self-employment especially in the petroleum industry. In addition, the course also prepares the student for innovation and creativity.

iv. To teach students the fundamentals underlying the application of basic scientific intelligence to modern petroleum industry practices and instills in the student the skills and confidence for a lifetime of continued learning.

v. To ensures that the students are innovative and reliable.

vi. To ensure that student learns how to solve complex problems, communicate, maintain professional ethics and understand the cultural and economic environment within which he operates.

vii. To train students who will apply scientific principles to petroleum engineering problems, analyze systems, design and execute projects as well as present excellent reports in written and oral forms.

c. Admission Requirements

Candidates are admitted into the B.Sc. Degree programme in any of the following three ways: - through University Matriculation Examination (UME), by Direct Entry, or through Inter-University Transfer.

i. Candidate for admission into 100 level of the B.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering) is by the UME entry mode. In addition to an acceptable pass in UME, candidates must possess School Certificate, SSCE/GCE ‘O’ level/ NECO at credit passes in five (5) subjects, in not more than two sittings, which should include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.

ii. Candidate for admission into 200 level of the B.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering) is by the Direct Entry (DE) entry mode. They must possess minimum of two (2) A-level passes which must include Mathematics and Physics plus the basic O-level entry requirements.

iii. Holders of National Diploma, ND, or equivalent in Petroleum Engineering, can be admitted to 200 level, while holders of the Higher National Diploma, HND, or equivalent in Petroleum Engineering, can be admitted to 300 level. Such diploma must be at a minimum of upper credit and also satisfy the minimum O-level requirements.

iv. Students can transfer from other universities into 200 level courses in Petroleum Engineering provided they have the relevant qualifications. No candidates shall be admitted from other Universities unless Faculty and the Department are satisfied that the grades obtained by such candidates for courses in which they have had instructions can be properly assigned units.

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