Current Research Projects



  • Protection assessment of Nigerian power network
  • 10 year review of the Nigeria National grid collapse 
  • Effect of outaging critical lines on optimal reactor location : NEPA as a case study 
  • Energy loss Evaluation of power distribution system : Jericho feeder point as  a case study


(ii)         IN PROGRESS :

1. Microcontroller based Solar pumping system for Irrigation in the Remote Nigeria

2. Self Excited Reluctance generator with Non-linear loads

3. Development of GUI for the simulation of Multi-Phase Electric machines.

4. Power factor improvement techniques for Three –Phase Induction Machine      

5. Performance enhancement of Synchronous Reluctance Machine Using the split winding approach.

6. Cost-benefit analysis of a stand alone hybrid generator (Solar/wind; Solar/wind/diesel, other options)



(a) Improved Synchronous Reluctance Machine with Dual Stator Windings and Capacitance Injection 2009 (D.Tech)

(b) Effect of Outaging Critical Lines on Optimal Reactor Location: NEPA 1995 330 kV National Network as a Case Study (M. Sc. Thesis)

(c) Effect of Undervoltage on Squirrel Cage Induction Motor and the Design and Construction of Undervoltage Protecting Device. 1995 (M.Sc Mini project)

Floodlighting Design for Bendel State University Sports Complex 1991(B.Eng.  Thesis).