Current Research

Research Projects/Activities

 (a)    Completed:

        Potentials of Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) as a water conveyance structure in irrigation and drainage works. This project considered several aspects of Nigerian grown Bamboo such as the strength properties, the hydraulic properties, the shrinkage in service properties, the durability etc. Data had been collected and analysed and papers are being prepared for publications

  (b)    In progress:

        Determination of water qualities and quantities of a number of small streams for irrigation works. A number of rivers are receiving effluents from industries which may have serious effect on irrigation and other agricultural practices along the river course. Many rivers are now being studied to monitor their pollution level and proffer engineering solutions to remedy the problems. Data are now being collected. 

(c)   Dissertation and Thesis

 1.     Preliminary Design of an Irrigation System for 1000 hectares Rice

        Production Farm (M.Sc. Project, 1982)

 2     Contribution a l’Etude de l’Utilisation de Bambou en Hydraulique            

       Agricole (translated as: “Contributions to the Use of Bamboo in         Agricultural Hydraulics”) (CES Project, 1986)

 3        Evaluation of Bamboo Pipe for Agricultural Land Irrigation and Drainage (Ph.D Thesis, July 2010)

 (ii)   Water Balance Modelling of Ephemeral Ona River, Ibadan, Nigeria. Ph.D Thesis, UI (2008)