Professor G. O. ADEGOKE

Prof. G.O. Adegoke

Professor G. O. ADEGOKE

M.Sc., Ph.D. (Ibadan)

F.I.M.L.S. M.I. Biol. (London), C.Biol.,M.Biol; MNIFST

Areas of Specialisation

Food Microbiology and Food Safety
Natural Additives
Quality Assurance


Department of Food Technology,
University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Nigeria.


Tel: +2348023391029, 08023391029


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Arising from my predoctoral and postdoctoral trainings, my research experience centers on Applied/Industrial Microbiology with focus on the following:

(a) detection, characterization and elimination of food-borne pathogens-involving use of phenotypic, chemo-taxonomic, genetic and epidemiological methods;

(b) detection, characterization and reduction of microbial metabolites in foods particularly aflatoxins;

(c) food biotechnology with respect to selection, characterization and utilization of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and natural plant additives for foods; plasmid profilling, isolation of DNA and proteins (including heat shock proteins) from microbes; use of restriction enzymes (endonucleases), gene cloning and transformation experiments; food fermentation and application of hydrostatic pressure for food preservation /processing;

(d) establishment and monitoring of hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) in food industries; (e) detection of food-borne parasites like flukes and cestodes. Working experience in medical technology with particular reference to medical microbiology/microorganisms associated with diseases.


Current Publications


Theses with dates
Adegoke, G.O. (1981). Characterization of staphylococci isolated from goats with particular reference to differentiation from human strains. MSc., University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 
Adegoke, G.O. (1984). Characteristics of staphylococci isolated from man and animals in Nigeria. PhD., University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


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